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This is an Online Meeting
that pulls all your data into the meeting and syncs it. Then you can search anything your team has ever said or done.
An OS in Your Meeting
You can add and remove widgets the same way you would open an app on your computer. As you update them everyone will see exactly the same thing.
Widgets for Everything
Give your workspace the skills to do all the things you want, and none of the things you don't. We have widgets for all of the services you already use.
Keep Your Stack in Sync
Your workspace is persistent. The next time you have a meeting you pick up right where you left off with everything open and waiting for everyone.
BlockTalk on all devices
Become a Time Traveler
Record and transcribe your calls in real-time. Want to pull up that meeting you had 6 months ago? It's easy. Search for anything you've ever said and jump right to that moment. Watch your recordings synced up with your widget interactions.
End-To-End Encryption
Hate all the eavesdropping these days? Us too. Activate ghost mode to encrypt all of your widget data, transcriptions, and recordings. Nobody will ever be able to see what's going on in your meeting. Not even us.
End-To-End Encryption on all meetings
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